A Heart to Heart with Wedding Photographer and Friend, Sandra Costello

I’ve been in business for a smidge over five years and if there’s one thing I’ve learned (there isn’t, there’s waaay MORE than ONE, but it’s just a saying…) it’s that there is something magical that happens when you find other wedding pros that share your aesthetics, values and drive to hone their craft and serve their clients. Through our conversations, we learn, we grow and we discover things that never would have occurred to us on our own. These are the people I turn to with questions or frustrations, to share info and celebrate successes.


I love my people so dang much that I want to share them with you!


You’re going to love them too!

This brand new series of videos will introduce you to wedding professionals who are amazingly good at what they do. You’ll meet bakers, planners,  floral designers, photographers,  jewelers–people from every corner of the wedding world!


The thing I love about each of these people is the heart with which they serve their customers and practice their art. During this season of gratitude, it feels right to express thanks for these friends who inspire me, teach me, listen and learn along with me.


Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to sit on the same couch for these chats. Other times we depend on technology to shrink the miles between us.


Today, I’m so excited for you to meet Sandra Costello of Sandra Costello Photography. (Go on, click the link! She’s got an AH-MAZING website!) We sat down to talk about what we do, why we do it and what sets us apart from other professionals in the wedding world. Sandra is passionate about the heartfelt way she connects with her clients. Sharing herself fully with her clients and forming a deep connection with them creates a sense of trust that allows people to open up so Sandra can capture the essence of a couple and the emotions in the moment. (Seriously, look at the pictures on her website, you’ll totally understand what I mean!)


Sandra’s the one who urged me to put more energy into creating a heartfelt connection with my clients. Now, when people come to me to preserve their wedding flowers, I spend the time to listen and learn about their love, their wedding and how their flowers embody the emotions of the day for them. As my friendship with Sandra has deepened, it has enriched the relationships I create with my clients. And that has fed my soul as an artist as I create botanical collages that are inspired by the essence of who my clients are and the love that brought them together.


Sandra was ALSO the one who suggested we interview each other on video since it’s easier to explain your work in conversation with a friend than it is do a full-on video sales pitch (and much more pleasant!). It so ‘dang’ much fun that I decided to make a habit of it.


I hope you enjoy this first episode of Heart-to-Heart!



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