Estates & Properties

A grandmother’s garden. A family estate.
A bed and breakfast that represents a lifelong dream come true.

Gardens aren’t just places, they’re expressions. Of a time and place in your life, your family’s history, your world. They reflect the hands that tended them, the soil and sky that is found nowhere else besides your beloved spot.

I can travel to you to select blooms and press them on site. We will have conversations about vision, placement within rooms, artwork size, what flowers and plants work best, and more. Interior designers are welcome to be a part of our conversation.

I create bespoke botanical collages that preserve a sense of place. Whether you want a single piece or floor-to-ceiling installation, the resulting art will be a proud focal point of any room.

Family Gardens

Imagine being able to keep your mother or father’s garden - and all the memories made there - with you.
A botanical collage made from museum-quality materials that lets you keep physical pieces of the place you love. I can travel to your garden or send a shipping kit for you to pack and overnight special flowers and plants for preservation. Gift certificates available.


You have poured your heart into this venue, and you know you have something special. Bring the gardens indoors with a custom art installation that cannot be replicated. I can travel to you to create something special for your entryway, event rooms, or guest rooms - whether you want a single piece or a floor-to-ceiling statement.

Project Example:

The Estate at River Run

The Estate at River Run is a stunning wedding venue outside Richmond Virginia.  Kim Moody, the visionary owner, knew she wanted bespoke artwork for her property.  We decided the Wedding Suite would be the perfect place for unique pieces: one large frame above the fireplace, and a special installation in the powder room. 

After taking in the wallpapers, marble, drapes, upholstery, and rugs, I created specific pieces to flow with the setting.  Kim opted to pull from my library of pressed flowers to get the exact color palette she wanted.  (I am also able to travel to a site to cut and press needed botanicals.)  Kim trusted me to run with my artist imagination, which was a dream come true - and the pieces compliment the room and each other beautifully.

How it works



Send me a note below, and we’ll book a call to discuss your flowers, time frame, and more. Securing your project requires a signed agreement and 950. non-refundable retainer.


Travel or Ship

Traveling to your location allows me to understand the setting and create art pieces for specific sites. Day rates are available. However, I can also send a shipping kit with everything you need to successfully pack and ship flowers to my Massachusetts studio.



I start pressing as soon as possible after the flowers are cut or shipped. One flower, leaf, and petal at a time. In a few days, I do it all over again as I check your flowers to be sure they are pressing well. Your flowers then stay in the presses 2-4+ weeks, depending on flower type.



When your flowers come out of the presses, I will photograph a sampling for you to see what everything looks like. I’ll also send a dozen or so photos of recent designs, and we’ll have a conversation about what you like and don’t like. The best work comes when we keep an open mind and go where the flowers lead - sometimes a pressed flower surprises us with an idea.



This gentle and slow creative endeavor will wrap up 4-6 months from start to finish

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