Flora-Ly is Evolving and Growing

Flora-Ly is now Flora-Ly Studios – Artisan Pressed Flower Preservation for Your Wedding Bouquet.


Flora-Ly is now Flora-Ly Studios -- artisan pressed flowers for your wedding bouquet.

We are now Flora-Ly Studios!

Why have I changed the name of my business?

Because life happens, change happens and sometimes old labels can hold us back. Flora-Ly Studios is a name that reflects my growth and respects my roots at the same time.

Not only am I updating the name of my business, but I’m updating my botanical designs too! (GAH! I’m SO EXCITED!)

How are my pressed flower designs changing?

My new designs are a departure from the more traditional ones I’d adapted from my mother when I inherited her business. Prior to taking over Flora-Ly, I’d studied fine art at Syracuse University and worked as painter. With the initial effort of getting started in the business behind me,  I’ve been freed up to listen more to the artist within.  (Hello, beautiful!)

I’ve given myself time to play with new shapes that create space and movement in my pressed flower pieces, and I LOVE it!

What will you see in my new botanical collages?

Look for circles and all that is metaphorically attached to that ancient, organic shape; gallery collections that showcase the beauty of  a single stem, one leaf, a pressed petal; wide landscape botanical collages that feel like a walk down a secret garden path; tall pressed flower designs that allow the petals to flow like waterfalls. *sigh* What you’ll see is the movement and shapes of nature being invited in to play with the botanical beauty of the wedding bouquets entrusted to me.

I’m letting my imagination loose and it feels wonderful. Come along, we’re going to have some fun!

Introducing Hand Painted Wedding Invitations!

I’m just bursting to share my newest product line with you!

I now offer custom-designed, hand-painted invitations for your wedding. (It all started when my son got married this summer, but that’s something we’ll talk about another day!) Over the next weeks, I’ll share a video peek into my studio, to show you how I create these custom wedding invitation suites. I can’t wait!

Change can be unnerving, but don’t worry!

Flora-Ly Studios is still grounded in its original mission! 

My passion remains connecting with couples who want their carefully chosen wedding flowers transformed — just as marriage has transformed them — to become something new; something elevated; a timeless work of art that will hang in their home for years. My calling is still to create truly unique, bespoke, botanical collages that celebrate love in all its infinitely beautiful forms!

The Elements of Change and the Elements of Nature

These elements of change – new name, new designs, new products – like the botanical elements in a bouquet are each exciting and beautiful in their own right. And these changes, like flowers, when thoughtfully pulled apart, reexamined and rearranged,  compliment each other, becoming greater than the sum of their parts. They create something unique, exciting, deeply personal and unapologetically honest – like the pressed flower collage I hope to create with you and for you.

I invite you to follow here and on social media (@floralylinda on Instagram and @floralyflowers on Facebook) and come along on this creative journey as Flora-Ly Studios continues to grow and evolve and strive as ever, to serve and preserve the ephemera of love, commitment and memory.

Woohoo! You make the memories and pick the flowers! I’ll press those blooms and make some art!

Let’s create something beautiful together! (I CAN’T WAIT!)

​***** Pictured above, handmade paper by  Fabulous Fancy Pants embossed with our new name. Thank you, The Stampmaker for the lovely custom-made embosser.******


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