Gift Certificates

The wedding gift no one will get two of.

Imagine the flowers they held as they became a married couple, now on their wall as museum-quality bespoke art. A gift that brings gasps and happy tears. I would be honored to serve the happy couple, and take intentional care of them from start to finish. (This is a popular group gift for a wedding party to go in on together.)

Keep a family garden forever.

It brings a lump to their throat just thinking of it - their mother’s peonies, their grandfather’s raspberries, the childhood running barefoot through the garden. Let them hold these memories in their hands and see them every day. This is a memorable gift for anyone who is moving, or desiring to remember a part of a loved one’s legacy.

Gift certificates are beautifully presented and can be made for any amount.

For your reference, gift items like lockets start at 100. For bouquet preservation and other botanical collages, the retainer to work with me is 750. and collages start at 1500.

I can chat with you about specific gift choices. Send me a note below and I’ll be happy to describe your options.

Let’s send them a beautiful surprise.