Life is Beautiful When the Studio is Busy

What a joy to have the studio so busy! A record number of couples have asked me to create art from their wedding flowers this year and lately, it’s been a whirlwind of gorgeous bouquets, pressed flower petals and inspiration!

Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like when life is full of flowers…

Wedding flowers with a blush of color ready to be preserved forever

Every single wedding bouquet that comes to the studio is utterly gorgeous and unequivocably unique. Some have just a blush of color…whispering of love…

Wedding bouquets come in all shapes, sizes and colors!

…and some flowers are riotous and joyful and shout love to the rooftops!
Every bouquet that is entrusted to me to press, preserve and make art with is an absolute inspiration. I’m so lucky that I get to be surrounded by so much beauty!
All of the gorgeous flowers get taken apart petal by petal and go into the presses. I actually had to have MORE presses made this year to accomodate all of my wonderful clients!
Here’s what it looks like when I empty a press…the deconstructed and pressed wedding bouquets have a glorious, simple beauty to them.
After pressing, I painstakingly recreate the flowers. At this stage, tweezers are my BEST friend.
My intention isn’t to literally recreate the bouquet, but to transform it into a timeless piece of art that makes space for the memories of courtship, romance, and wedding day; and also expresses love and anticipation for a marriage that holds the promise of two lives lived fully in tandem.

Want to see some of the finished pieces? Check out my inspiration gallery! Are you curious about how it looks like to work with me?  As the studio becomes busier, the presses need to be reserved in advance, so let’s talk!


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