Love Your Wedding Flowers? Here’s How to Save Them Forever…Working with KC & Mary, Part I

I met KC & Mary at last year’s Valley Wed show at Quonquont Farm.

Although they didn’t have a plan yet for their wedding flowers, they were intrigued with the idea that they could have them preserved.. We chatted, they took a card, and they moved on to the next vendor’s table. I remember being struck by their careful intention that their wedding day reflects who they are and how they love each other.

About a month before their wedding, KC reached out. They had big plans for their wedding flowers and they wanted to be sure I reserved the presses for them.

​Here’s the day they came to Flora-Ly Studios with the flowers from their wedding…

​They had worked with Corina at The Botaniste.  Their instructions to her were riotous, colorful, bountiful bouquets and tablescapes. Boy howdy, mission accomplished! To say color and texture reigned supreme at their wedding is an understatement.

Usually, when a couple comes into Flora-Ly after their wedding, they bring me a bouquet. KC & Mary brought me two coolers full of flowers! Their wedding flowers were so meaningful to them, the idea of throwing any of them away broke their hearts. So they brought as many as they could carry!
As they pulled flowers from the coolers, they “ooohed” and “aaahed” and gushed about how this arrangement was on their table or those looked just like the ones in their garden. Clearly, their flowers evoked the joy of their wedding day and the exuberance of their love for each other.
Here’s what thrills me about what I do…I get to preserve so much more than wedding flowers…I get to create something that will capture the joy of KC and Mary’s wedding day and let them remember and relive that feeling every day for the rest of their lives. That’s powerful stuff.
Sometimes unconventional choices just feel right. This bloom is beautifully unconventional, 100% joy-inducing and an absolute embodiment of KC & Mary’s exuberance.

When I took KC & Mary’s flowers out of the presses, my first thought was, “Oh my! I need a bigger table!” You know what? The whole world needs a bigger table! We all need to make room for an abundance of beauty and unabashed joy! More flowers, I say! Bigger tables, if need be, but more flowers, fuller hearts, and effervescent joy for all!

​My mission now is to use these petals to inspire KC and Mary as much as they’ve inspired me!

Stay tuned for the next glimpse of KC and Mary’s wedding flower preservation. I can’t wait to see where all this love takes us…

P.S. – Immediate gratification anyone? Fast forward to Part 2!


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