Making a Rose Potpourri, from FB Live!!


Here’s a wrap-up of my February 15 Facebook live chat on how to create a simple rose potpourri from a bouquet of roses.

Making a simple Rose potpourri
You will need:
roses, 6 roses will make about 4 potpourri
rose oil
paper towels
ziploc bag
small cotton, or any porous fabric, drawstring bags

1.  Release petals and leaves from the stem and place in a single layer on paper towel.
2.  Set this in a dry, still area for about week to ten days.
3.  Once the petals are dry to the touch, but not so brittle they break.
4.  Put the petals in the ziploc bag
5.  Add 5-10 drops of rose oil and toss.
6.  You want the oil to distribute throughout the petals.
7.  Close the bag, seal and place somewhere dark.
8. Leave for a couple of weeks.
9. Open and see how your petals smell. Is the scent strong enough for you? If not add more drops of oil, and repeat the sealing- storing process.
10. Once you have the scent you are happy with
11. You can now gently put your potpourri in little drawstring bags and enjoy!

Here are links to purchase cotton drawstring bags and the rose oil. Or if you are near a natural foods store both of these items should be available there.
Cotton Bags
Rose Oil

The video is posted below or you can hop over to fb to view:


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