My World Monday, illustrated

My world Monday, illustrated.  

Here’s what a Monday looks like in my world…

No matter what day it is, it always begins with coffee.  My favorite is Deans Beans because it’s ethically sourced, locally roasted and totally delicious!

Coffee may GET me going, but music KEEPS me going! Today it’s Hamilton, David Bowie and Talking Heads.

Right now, I’m diving into some circular designs. I love circles. Nature loves circles too: the sun; the moon; the center of a flower; a sand dollar; an acorn cap; the circle of life.

I’ll spend hours in my studio today, elbow deep in gorgeous pressed flowers.  These pretty petals are sweet company but they aren’t very chatty. When I long for conversation, I turn on a podcast. One of my favorites is She Creates Business with Kinsey Roberts. Her interviews are so interesting and full of useful tidbits that I often find myself taking notes while I listen.

Which reminds me!

Have you heard my interview on Kinsey’s podcast? It was such a treat for me to chat with her! Give a listen here… (Don’t have itunes? no worries, She Creates Business can be found on most podcast apps.) Maybe it will keep you company on your Monday. (Or any other day 😉


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