The Aftermath

This is the aftermath of yesterday’s studio time.  I finished a Wedding Invitation Keepsake for Donna.  I can’t show you the finished piece yet because Donna hasn’t seen it yet; that wouldn’t be fair. But I can show you playing around with some of the discarded pieces of flowers and leaves. This picture sums up my approach to creating the Keepsake for Donna.  I had the license to play. I sent her a message- ‘Can I be a little funky?’ I had permission to be “FUNKALICIOUS”. Don’t have to tell me twice. It was the bend of the branches, the colors and the shapes of the leaves that screamed for something a little offbeat.  After Donna sees the finished Keepsake I will share it here. I love the unveiling. I have to start taking video.

It’s all about love and flowers.  And perfectly ripened avocado.



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