The Why is Blooming!

Why do we do the work we do?  (Simon Sinek’s TED talk, Start with Why is a good watch. Find it here: It’s a question I’m asked often. For the last few years I have answered…’pressing flowers was my mother’s business and when she passed away, I took over…’

Then this happened. I found this.

I use the same pressing papers my mom used and I often find notes she wrote about the flowers she was pressing. But this one… “This small flower Hydrangea-originally from the Center St. house” immediately took me back to summers in the yard of the Center St. house, playing with my dolls under that very Hydrangea tree. I was warm, safe and happy.

And that’s really why I do what I do.

Pressed flowers have the power to transport us and make us feel connected to a time, a place, a person or an event that we thought was gone forever.

That’s powerful stuff.


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