There is an Eternal Summer in a Grateful Heart

Each year when I create the Flora-Ly Calendar of Flowers I choose a quote that suits the mood of the time in the studio.

Pressed botanical collage 2018 calendar of flowers

This quote embodies how I have been feeling for months and will surely continue to feel into 2018. My heart is full of gratitude. I recognize it daily. Grateful for my happy children, my new daughter-in- law and my husband who keeps me fed and makes flower presses. I am grateful for the clients who have sought me out, entrusted me with their precious flowers, heaped praise, cried happy tears, told their friends – who told two friends – who told two friends. Grateful for colleagues who enlighten, challenge and enrich my business. It’s been a fun, colorful creative time. So every day my heart does feel like a summer day. Riding my bicycle, swimming with friends, playing in the waves and creating beauty for appreciative people.  Thank you for being here.


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