To The Women Before Me.

This is my family. From right to left;  my mother Lydia , grandmother Rosine, Evi and Henry. This picture was taken in Germany around 1942. My grandfather was in a labor camp in Siberia.  ​ They were refugees.



Today is March 8th, International Women’s Day. There is a call for women to strike. I respect every woman’s decision to do with the day as she sees fit.

Me, I am working. Because the women above fought and worked to stay alive. I sit in this place of privilege because they worked. I have this business because they worked. They watch over me and guide me. I try to honor them every day. Today I work. If they were alive, they would be working.

​My red in solidarity is a pair of my mother’s red shoes. She loved red shoes. This is one pair of five.

​Pretty snazzy.



Lydia around 2007.
Working at what she loved.
I bet she is wearing red shoes.

​Today I happily work, making art for people in love. 


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