Wedding Invitations Reimagined as Original Artwork — As Unique As Your Love

Have you heard the news? Flora-Ly Studios now offers hand painted wedding invitation suites! Do you have any paper lovelies that could be elevated with the stroke of a paint brush? Below, I’ll show you HOW I do it, but first, let me tell you WHY.

I don’t remember a time when a paint brush didn’t feel like an extension of my soul. Long before I thought to call myself an artist, painting was second nature to me. And so it made sense that I should go to art school. After studying fine art at Syracuse University, I went on to work with fiber, flowers, and more traditional mediums, making murals and commissioned pieces in the hours between teaching art to children and raising my own. When I took over my mother’s business, I relegated painting to my personal time, not thinking to incorporate it with the work I was doing with pressed flowers.

Last year, my son Keegan proposed to his then-girlfriend Emily and the two began to plan their wedding. In the glow of their joy, the universe took a break from bigger doings and took a moment to speak to me. What it said was unmistakable. My gift to Keegan and Emily would be made of botanicals and brush strokes. Of course, I would do their wedding flowers (and press them afterwards), but I would also hand paint their wedding invitations!

The three of us spent a few evenings around a table with paints, paper, excitement and joy as we planned out the design. Emails, sketches and more excitement followed. And then, the plan was complete. I was going to create one hundred and twenty 5”x7” invitations; RSVP cards; event cards; envelopes (sending and return); thirty rehearsal dinner invitations; place cards and table numbers; each a unique piece of their vision. Every single one, painted by my hand.

Over the winter, after my work was done, I painted. I laid in branches, then leaves, blue hydrangea and wispy, baby leaves. Mesmerized by the rhythm of painting, I meditated on my son, his love, the enrichment of our family and the new chapter that lay ahead for all of us.

Here is a few minute video of the making of 1 out of 120. 

When the entire suite was finished, Keegan and Emily were thrilled to send each person on their list an original painting made just for them, inviting them to share in their happiness.

The joy of this creative act was deepened by the love I have for my family, but it began with the feel of the paintbrush in my hand, the colors at my command. It felt natural and RIGHT.

When something feels so right, you want to repeat it. Over and over. Lucky me! By offering this service to other couples, I can!

I get to paint and you get to send your guests an invitation as unique as your love, hand-painted with the same care you’ve taken to choose every detail of your wedding. And they’ll know, the moment they open that envelope that something very special is about to happen and it’s your wish to share it with them.

So, let’s talk, email, sketch and sit around a table (real or virtual :). I’ll listen and interpret your ideas with brush and color. I’ll help you create original paintings to call your loved ones to your celebration. Painted just for them.

Your special time is now. Let’s get started!

Whether the medium is pressed flowers or watercolor, my passion is your love.elope to place card. 


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