Wedding Vendors & Realtors

You provide a standout service, and love collaboration.

Your industry has competition, but your thoughtfulness makes you stand out. You have a nose for sourcing the unusual piece that makes a client swoon.

Flora-Ly welcomes working together to create unusual client gifts, pressed flowers for stationery and table decor, and any other thoughtful little something that makes your heart sing.

Floral Designers

You’ve probably gotten inquiries for bouquet preservation, and you’re far too busy to take that on yourself. I have beautiful info cards you could include in your welcome packets, which only adds to the end-to-end, full service feeling you give your clients. I also have a variety of client gifts to surprise and delight - what couple wouldn’t want a surprise locket with a bloom of theirs pressed inside? This special touch brings grateful word of mouth, which we all know you richly deserve.

Peonies are Blooming

Wedding Planners

Your taste sets you apart, as does your ability to source the best materials and services. You can book bouquet preservation for your clients as a meaningful way to extend connection beyond the wedding. You can also have lockets made for the wedding party, or save centerpieces from the compost pile and quietly send them to me to turn into the most meaningful bespoke thank-you gift they will never expect - and never forget. What other ideas do you have? Let’s chat.

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Brilliant Event Planning, Boston, MA


Selling a family home is an emotional business, particularly when someone is downsizing or leaving the place they raised children.  You can help make this easier.  I have tasteful info cards you can include in welcome packets, or place with families in sensitive situations where “bringing their garden with them” would mean the world.  And when you serve a certain clientele, typical thank-you gifts may not carry the meaning you wish they would.  A locket, resin flower stone, or piece of art would catch them by surprise and completely change how they talked to others about the sale.  Let’s chat.

Stationery Designers & Artists

Flowers are living things, and no two are alike. They always leave an impression. Would you like to include pressed flowers in your invitations, cards, place settings, or other art pieces? I can provide pressed flowers and practical craft that make your vision come to life. Magic happens when two creatives brainstorm, let’s have a no-pressure chat about what we could do!

photo credit: arielled photography

Brilliant Event Planning, Boston, MA

photo credit: arielled photography

Brilliant Event Planning, Boston, MA

Let's get acquainted and talk about options and opportunities.