NPR creates ‘driveway moments.’
Your bouquet will become a ‘stop in the room moment.’

You are excited about your flowers, and can’t wait to hold them. Perhaps you’ve chosen blooms you love, or that have special meaning. (I want to hear all about it!)

You look forward to the little heart flutter you’d get seeing them every day. You love the thought of art in your home created solely for you. Like your love story, your preserved bouquet will have no duplicate in the world.

I preserve your wedding flowers in a way that is true to your story. Want to grab a handful of grass from where you stood to take your vows? Toss it in your spouse’s pocket and we’ll include it. These are your memories, and we can be creative about how you’ll keep them.

Not sure whether it can be pressed? Try me! I live for the unique and unusual. Bring me all the peonies, protea, pitcher plants, feathers, fishing tackle (yes, fishing tackle), grandmother’s lace, and more. Want a gallery wall combining flowers and photos? Fabulous! All materials are archival and museum quality, so you can trust you’ll enjoy these precious items for a long time.

Whether your style is Rembrandt or modern, formal or playful, the final art will be guided by you and create a stop-and-stare focal point in your home.

Wedding bouquet botanical collages begin at 2500.

The bouquet in your hands becomes one-of-a-kind art


Beyond the bouquet


An 8x8 collage (with or without photos)
lets others hold onto their own memories of your day.

Flower Stone

Made for Flora-Ly by an accomplished resin artist, these smooth stones sit flat - the perfect paperweight.


Timeless, yet fashionable (Taylor Swift at the Grammys anyone?). Wear your flowers or gift them to your wedding party.

How it works



Please fill out the contact form below and you'll then receive a link to book a chat with Linda to discuss date availability, your flowers and more. Securing your date requires a signed agreement and a 1250, non-refundable retainer (which is applied to your final invoice). Custom wedding bouquet botanical collages begin at 2500. I recommend booking Flora-Ly when you book your floral designer, if not before, to ensure a place in the Flora-Ly calendar.



Your flowers are shipped guaranteed overnight the next business day after your wedding. You will receive the Flora-Ly shipping kit two weeks before your wedding with everything you need to successfully pack your flowers. If you’re a reasonable driving distance from central Massachusetts, we will arrange a time for you to drop flowers off directly.


Bouquet Preservation

I start pressing once they arrive. One flower, leaf, and petal at a time, which takes 4-6 hours. In a few days, I do it all over again as I check your flowers to be sure they are pressing well. Your flowers then stay in the presses 2-4+ weeks, depending on flower type.



When your flowers come out of the presses, I photograph a sampling for you to see what everything looks like. I’ll also send a dozen or so photos of recent designs, and we’ll have a conversation about what you like and don’t like. We’ll take into account where you want to hang your preserved bouquet. This sets the path for me to create the botanical collage that is just right for you. Once your final design is chosen, I’ll suggest some frame options and you can make the final choice.



This gentle and slow creative endeavor will wrap up 4-6 months from your event date. Hang, gift, or wear your flowers and keep those feelings from your day close.

Have your flowers already dried?

You loved your flowers and couldn’t bear to toss them. Now it’s time to get them off the bedroom mirror, out of the closet, or out of the vase.

It’s not too late to create a botanical collage with your dried flowers, protecting them from fading and dust mites. See how Stephanie’s bouquet transformed, despite the fact that it had been in a shoebox for three years? Nice to see it like this instead:

Let's Chat!

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