Exquisite custom art

created with treasured botanicals,
inspired by meaningful moments.

Flora-Ly is an experience.

Flowers bear witness, flowers hold joy and love. Your collage forever takes you back to the moment you both said “I do.”

Working with you to create custom botanical collages with flowers that have so much meaning to you and your heart – this is what inspires and informs the work I create.

Artwork that is created just for you is deeply intentional. Bringing artwork into your home that is a celebration of love, meaning and joy can’t help but create for you a place of peace.

preserved wedding flowers artist flynn
preserved wedding flowers artist linda

About Flora-ly

I came to create this work sitting next to my mother. She created Lydia’s Pressed Flowers for over 30 years. When she passed away thirteen years ago, her business became mine. It was time to take all the knowledge she had passed to me to create work that was distinctly mine. She gave me such a gift, knowledge, skills, and the blessing to move in the direction I wanted. 

This led me to custom commissions of botanical collages. Whether wedding flowers or beloved garden blooms, the flowers that are so important to you become so important to me.

Creating meaningful, custom artwork with the most treasured botanicals in your life. Wedding bouquets, ketubas, family gardens – it’s your story, beautifully preserved.

Prints are coming!

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Artisan floral preservation

The bouquet in your hands travels a long way to become one-of-a-kind heirloom art. Step into the Flora-ly studio space.

ali final floral art float1