Flora-Ly is synonymous with

elegant, imaginative, bold, custom artwork

that envelopes and transports.

dahlia framed art print.
yellow preserved wedding flowers art
gold frame pink preserved wedding flowers art


Linda is a life-long multidisciplinary artist working in paint, textiles, paper, teaching and exhibitions. (How did she get to flowers from painting? Read that story here.) She brings all of this knowledge and passion to the table when designing and creating custom botanical collages for clients. No two flowers are the same, no two couples are the same, therefore no two collages are ever the same. And that’s a recipe for a new adventure every time the presses are opened. 

Linda believes in the power of flowers to hold your heart and transport you back to the treasured moment they represent. 

Everything Linda creates is made with archival materials, doing everything to create the best possible environment for your flowers to be beautiful for years to come.

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Flora-Ly welcomes all couples regardless of religion, gender, race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Successful design is a conversation between elements. There are jokes, pauses, laughter, surprises, declarations and even secrets within each piece. Then the ultimate piece has a conversation with the viewer. That’s the true magic, when it is seen and related to. I think that’s what I love the most about this work. Because these flowers come from one of the most meaningful places in someone’s life you can’t help but want to chat with them every day. They become a part of you, your home, your moods, your ups and downs. Art with meaning is a soulful place to set yourself.