I couldn’t help but be influenced by the fact that Caitlin and Daniel are both ballet dancers and their wedding and reception took place at the Birmingham Museum of Art. This was all an invitation to go bold, to enjoy the stems, and for untethered flowers to be flitting about the surface.

preserved wedding flowers artwork

We went through a couple of different iterations in the process of creating this final piece. Caitlin knew she wanted something large and to make a statement on a planned gallery wall in their home.  I proposed two different designs, one very open and abstract and one more in keeping with the spirit of the bouquet. Two very different approaches, but sometimes we need to experience both in order to know which one is just right. (My friends don’t call me Goldilocks for nothing) Because it has to be just right. Once the final design was decided upon, it was time for the four smaller collages to work with the larger piece in the gallery wall. Naturally, these smaller pieces had to carry through the design elements of the larger.

preserved wedding flowers art
wedding bouquet

Successful design is a conversation between elements. There are jokes, pauses, laughter, surprises, declarations and even secrets within each piece. Then the ultimate piece has a conversation with the viewer. That’s the true magic, when it is seen and related to. I think that’s what I love the most about this work. Because these flowers come from one of the most meaningful places in someone’s life you can’t help but want to chat with them every day. They become a part of you, your home, your moods, your ups and downs.

Art with meaning is a soulful place to set yourself. As I place all the botanicals together a whole relationship is created. One you can’t help but want to be a part of.

preserved wedding flowers art

This stunning bouquet of flowers by Pearl and Sky Events was a dream. This end of June wedding was blessed with flowers in season. Your bouquet can’t get much fresher; good for you and the botanical collage. Abundant pale pink peonies with bold coral charm peonies are surrounded by cosmos, clematis, lysianthus, ranunculus, astrantia and more all encased in a coral silk ribbon. Clearly, they loved flowers as every floral moment in the ceremony and reception was full of the bounty of the season.

Artwork credit: Sandra Costello Photography
Wedding Photo credit: Oh Honey Photography
Video Credit: Megan Pettus Films
Planner: Invision Events
Floral designer: Pearl and Sky Events