Jen & Tylan

“I’m honestly not sure I can put all the emotions I’m feeling about this video into words, but here it goes…I’ve learned the best way for me to find happiness and accomplish great things is to surround myself with great and happy people. There is no better example of this than Tylan and my wedding weekend. For us to be able to share our love with so many family and friends was such a privilege that filled me with joy and as you can see put the biggest smile on my face.”

dried flowers wedding keepsake

The weekend was the greatest celebration I’ve ever been a part of and it was only made possible because of the incredibly creative, warm and fun team that helped put it together. You know you’re a ridiculously lucky bride when you want to stay friends with everyone you worked with long after the wedding. This group of collaborators is worthy of many more posts to even begin to capture all the amazing details of the weekend, but the completion of this gallery wall today is a good place to start. It’s actually kind of insane the amount of talent demonstrated here. The flowers (@winstonflowers) and especially the bouquet (@victoriasamuel) which was then preserved and turned into floral art (@floralylinda) some of which accented a custom dream wedding program ( along with stunning photos (@arielledphotography) one of the bestest boy himself (@thetripawdtwins) all beautifully framed (@bigredframe) and expertly curated (@awcolor) perfectly captures the best weekend of our lives (@brillianteventplanning). I am so grateful to have worked with these exceptional humans and of course the three legged talent too 😘

dried flowers

Tylan and I spent three years renovating our 1820s farmhouse - updating it and transforming its energy efficiency. And one of the only places in the house we barely touched was this classic farmhouse stairwell hallway. Given that our wedding weekend was also a celebration of us beginning our life together on the farm, it seemed this hallway was a perfect place to combine the farm’s beautiful past with its beautiful future. I now get to stand in this hallway and immediately be transported back to that most magical weekend. I’m so full of love. ❤️
- Jen & Tylan

For Jen and Tylan my work with them began weeks before the wedding. Jen requested a very large guest book in the form of a botanical collage for everyone to write on as well as pressed flowers for their table numbers. I traveled to their farm to pick flowers, leaves and grasses from their gardens and fields to create for their requests. This was my first experience with traveling to a client’s home to press the very botanicals that they live with everyday. How incredibly special is that? 

preserved wedding flowers art gallery wall

After the wedding I worked with Jen’s bouquet to create her next botanical collage. As we moved through the creation process, something was missing for Jen. It wasn’t quite right. We would talk about different types of collages, attempt at making choices, we’d talk about photographs, should those be incorporated into a collage. When it hit me. Let’s make it all. All of it. The different collages,collages that incorporated treasured paper goods, flowers on their own in various sized frames, photographs printed large and bold to compliment each other and the flowers. We would create a gallery wall!

dried flowers wall art

I will not lie, this process was a blast. Jen and I called in her colorist &  interior designer, Amy Woolf of AWColor  to assist with where in the home to place the artwork, what types of frames best complimented the existing interior as well the new artwork being created, how many pieces to create, what would they say…? And so on. After months of hitting the proverbial wall we had a direction and a forthcoming plan. We were all a bit giddy. This was a first for me and I was verklempt that Jen trusted me enough for this big project.

preserved wedding flowers art gallery wall

In the end, I created eight botanical collages to hang with five large format photographs -one of the photos is of Jen tossing flower petals in the air, of course I needed to add real petals to that one—to create a homage to their wedding day, their home, their love and what they are building together.

preserved wedding flowers art

Wedding Photography: Arielle D Photography
Planner: Brilliant Event Planning
Floral designer: Winston Flowers and Victoria Samuel
Paper Goods: Hark Creative
Artwork and Interior photography: Sandra Costello Photography