Smaller Wedding? All the More Reason to Share the Love

For as long as lovers have been avowing their lifelong commitment to each other, there have been parties to celebrate their joy. Big and boisterous, intimate and quiet, there are as many ways to get married as there are people who take the leap.

During the COVID-19 health crisis, some bigger options are off the table, but that’s not going to stop love!

When you sit to think about what a scaled-down celebration might look like, take a moment to get clear on what you truly value. Your list might include things like love, tradition, community, and memories. That list will form the heart of your special day, so you can feel good about your choices as long as they’re checking off the boxes of what matters to you.


Easy-peasy! Big check-mark on that!


Even a scaled-down wedding can be full of the traditions that matter to you. Need something old, new, borrowed, and blue? Reach out in advance to friends and family who you can’t be there and ask them to send a beloved photo or cherished item. Include all the things that matter to you, personally, culturally, or spiritually, no matter how many people can be there with you in person!

​Maybe a smaller celebration calls for a smaller cake, but there’s no reason it can’t be big-time stunning! Marion Attal, of Mamie Brougitte Cakes, has introduced her Cakelings for petit events especially for couples who don’t want to wait for their weddings. These little beauties come in 6”, 8”, and 10” rounds. There’s no taster meeting or design consultation needed, so the whole process is fast and easy. The results? Hugely fabulous.

Marion’s also offering arrangements of sugar blooms so you can decorate your own cake (or gift them to a couple you love). Wow. Nothing small about this kind of beauty!
mamie brougitte sugar flowers orig


How many people you have at your wedding will depend on where you’re getting married, current restrictions on the size of gatherings and special considerations around risk tolerance for your guests. Check your state’s updated guidelines and talk to your friends and family about how to keep them safe and comfortable.

Sarah Glick and Chelsea LaFollette of Brilliant Event Planning have three glorious ideas for having a smaller wedding that works for you.

1 – Elopement
Get married now and celebrate later.

2 – A Micro Wedding
A small group and light bites. Socially distanced, if necessary.

3 – Mini Wedding
A scaled-down version of a traditional wedding. Same structure, fewer guests.

Get more details on their blog…

nyc micro wedding orig
Photo by Jainé Kershner Photography –

No matter if you elope, get married in a Zoom room full of friends and family, or choose an option that allows for more people, there will be loved-ones you miss (and who miss you!) on your wedding day. (Solutions below!)


You’re not likely to forget the circumstances that made it necessary to change your wedding plans, but make sure you go the extra mile to preserve your memories and share them with the people who couldn’t be with you.

If it’s not workable to hire a professional photographer, grab some Zoom screenshots, take a bunch of selfies, ask the officiant (if they’re with you in person) to take some pictures with their phone. Have fun with the photos and print up some albums. They’ll tell a wedding story like no other and make a splendid gift to share with family and friends!

Nikki and Devlin’s wedding was scheduled during the first week of lockdown and had to be canceled. Luckily, their pastor offered to conduct a private ceremony. So Nikki asked to have her bouquet made for that day, she and Devlin got dressed, and got married!

quickie wedding photo 02 orig
Nikki and Devlin snapped this photo by themselves with a tripod after the ceremony!
Photographer, Jason Cun and his collaborator, Nam from Wavelength Productions will travel to Boston when they’re able and Niki and Devlin will have a post-wedding photo/video shoot with them.
jason snorlax photography wedding katie jimmy 45 orig
Photo by Jason “Snorlax” Cun

“The past few months have sent the world into a storm of angst and uncertainty for the future. While it’s unknown of what may come, one thing that does remain is Nikki’s and Devlin’s commitment to each other. While their big day may have come and gone, our team hopes to help them relive their special day to share with family and friends.” 

— Jason, Nam & the team at Wavelengths Productions
peony wedding bouquet orig

Speaking of flowers, many floral designers are offering bouquets for your intimate wedding. Check with the designer you’d already scheduled with or hoped to use about a bouquet that works for your re-imagined nuptials. Whether you have a traditional bouquet or you make do with something more modest and equally romantic — like roadside wildflowers or a grocery store bouquet tied with a pretty ribbon — preserve your flowers! The memories of your wedding day shouldn’t be small, even if your wedding is!

If you want to work with me on a botanical collage, shipping your flowers is easy, and we’ll do contactless consultations over the phone and by email.

Even after creating an abundant collage for newlyweds, there are always plenty of petals leftover. Sharing pressed flowers from your bouquet is a thoughtful way to include people who couldn’t be with you when you said, “I do.”

Hoping to help you share the love, I’ve created the Itty-Bitty Botanical Collage.

itty bitty collages orig

​I’ll arrange tiny flowers, petals, and leaves from your bouquet in a lovely little (1 1/2 inch square) pane of glass that hangs from a silk ribbon in the color of your choice. Then, I’ll package it in a white box with a hand-written note and tie it with a bow — a sweet way to share your day with your “would-have-been” guests. Itty-Bitty Collage keepsakes are $35 each plus shipping.

wedding favor with note orig

However you say “I do”, I wish you love and laughter on your journey together!

Thank you. The world needs your resilience, creativity and strong-willed optimism!

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